РОО «Национальная Федерация Конькобежцев» Казахстана

Sport of higher achievements in our days is impossible without qualified medical support. Thereby, National Olympic Committee will provide all national teams of 67 Olympic sports with comprehensive medical services during training camps and international competitions.
Medical support includes a complex scientific group consisting of several types of specialists: a sports doctor, a manual therapist, a nutritionist, a psychologist, a biochemist, a biomechanic and a massage therapist. The main tasks of such complex scientific groups are:

  • development, introduction and improvement of methods of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of athletes, contributing to increased efficiency and physical performance;
  • ensuring the control of the functional condition and health of athletes, the adaptive capabilities of their body and physical performance; analysis of parameters for the training of athletes and correction of parameters; 
  • conducting scientific-methodical and medical-biological studies of athletes in order to improve the methods and technologies of training; conducting complex and medical examination of athletes;
  • carrying out biochemical, biomechanical and other types of control.

Currently, more than 120 specialists are already involved in Kazakhstan NOC for the implementation of comprehensive medical care for national teams during training camps and competitions in such sports as Boxing, Taekwando, Rhythmic and Artistic Gymnastics, Rowing and Canoeing, Short Track, Women’s, Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling, Weightlifting, Judo and many others.

In the NGO "National Olympic Committee" the organization of work and monitoring of the activities of complex scientific groups is carried out by the Department of Sports Medicine and Anti-Doping.

For all questions of athletes’ medical and biological support of national teams of Kazakhstan contact the Department of Sports Medicine and Anti-Doping of the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Kazakhsta by phone +7 7172 789875, 18 Turan, Block A, office #610, Astana, Kazakhstan.