РОО «Национальная Федерация Конькобежцев» Казахстана

Кубок РК. Конькобежный спорт


Дата проведения: 14-16 октября 2016
Место проведения: Астана
Результаты: скачать

График соревнований 12 октября \ 13 октября \ 14 октября 
Стартовые протоколы 12 октября
Стартовые протоколы 13 октября 500 AL   500 BL   1000 AM   1000 BM   1500 L   5 000 M   TEAM SPRINT M
Стартовые протоколы 14 октября 500 AM   500 BM   1000 BL   1000 AL   1500 AM   15000 BM

On behalf of the Kazakhstan Skating Federation,
The Agency Republic of Kazakhstan for the
Sports and physical affairs and Ice Palace “ALAU”
we have the honour and pleasure to invite you to a competition in the


Announcement of International Speed Skating Competitions
Ice Palace “Alau” in Astana/Kazakhstan October 12-14, 2016


Season opening in «АЛАУ» the international starts
«The cup of Kazakhstan»
International season open Race “Alau”
For Ladies and Men

October 11, 2016
Drawing 12:00*h
at the Ice Palace “Alau”

October 12, 2016
Start 11: 00*
Ladies 500(1), 3000, Team Sprint
Men 500,(1) Team Pursuit
October 13, 2016
Start 11: 00*
Ladies 500(2), 1500, Team Pursuit
Men 5000, 1000, Team Sprint

October 14, 2016
Start 11: 00*
Ladies 1000,
Men 500(2), 1500
**Start times may be moved if necessary



The Ice Place “Alau” is an artificially frozen indoor skating rink with a standard speed skating track of 400 meters to the lap. The radii of the inner and outer competition lanes are 26 and 30 meters respectively. The width of each competition lane is 4 meters with an inside training lane of 4 meters.



Please send all entries with countries, number of competitors and names, age and best times team officials (with provisional names). Entry Forms must reach the Organizing Committee by letter, fax or electronic mail not later than Friday, 30 September, 2016. Email: skatingkz@mail.ru, skatingkaz@mail.ru, speedskating.kz@mail.ru.

For more information visit www.skating.kz

Entry fee:

The payment is taken in cash (tenge) € 20, 00 each day per Person.


Citizenship/Residence requirements and Clearance Procedure

In accordance with Rule 109 of the ISU Regulations and ISU Communication No. 1420, all skaters who do not have the nationality of the Member by which they have been entered or who, although having such nationality, have in the past represented another Member, must produce an ISU Clearance Certificate.



Anti-doping tests will be carried out in accordance with the valid ISU Anti-doping Code (ISU Communication No. 1650, 1651 & 1662 or any further update of this Communication)


Training Times

Ice Palace “Alau” is open for the ice preparation of the sportsmen all year long including all months of summer. Contact the Ice Palace “Alau” for training times or visit www.skating.kz


Prize Money

The winners of the Cup of Kazakhstan are awarded with prizes and diplomas.



In accordance with Rule 119 of the ISU General Regulations, the ISU, Kazakhstan Skating Federation and the Organizing Committee assume no responsibility for or liability with respect to bodily or personal injury or property damage incurred in connection with this regional qualifying competition. Each Member is solely responsible for providing insurance coverage there to.


Hotel reservation/Official hotel
The Organizing Committee will arrange hotel reservations for competitors and team leaders at:
Ice Palace “Alau” Hotel Astana
Address: Kabanbay Batyra ave. 47, Astana, Kazakhstan
Tel: 8 (7172) 706 744, Fax: 8 (7172) 706 743 www.alau.info Email: hotel@alau.info
«Saryarka» Hotel

Ice Palace “Alau” Hotel Astana
Address: Kabanbay Batyr Avenue, 45 А (southern entrance),
Astana, Kazakhstan
Tel: +7 (7172) 70-71-47 (reception)
Hotel manager: +7-778-383-27-25

*Payment: Wire transfer, Cash in tenge (national currency) or Credit card. (There will be a 4% commission charged if paid by credit card)
Note: Hotel requirements must be communicated to the Organizing Committee as soon as possible, but no later than Friday, 30 September, 2016.



Astana International Airport (www.astanaairport.kz) connects with several direct international flights daily to Moscow and Almaty International Airports.

The Organizing Committee will provide ground transportation for teams between International Airport in Astana (www.astanaairport.kz) and the official hotel from October 15, 2016 and from the official hotel to the airport on October 11, 2016.

Team members will cover the expenses themselves for the transportations.


Visa requirements

Kazakh visitor’s visa will be required for all participants, substitutes and officials. In order to have the issuing of the necessary visa completed in due time, it is strongly recommended to submit to the Kazakhstan Skating Federation as soon as possible, but not later than Thursday, September 20, 2016, the attached visa application table together with a readable color passport copy of good quality for each team member and team official. According to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kazakhstan Skating Federation does not guarantee that visa can be obtained for team members and team officials if the above-mentioned documents are received later than Thursday, September 20, 2016.

For reception of the Kazakhstan visa we ask to inform preliminary in Kazakhstan Skating Federation Email: skatingkz@mail.ru, skatingkaz@mail.ru, speedskating.kz@mail.ru.


Entries and inquiries
All entries, hotel reservation and media accreditation requests, as well as other inquiries should be addressed to:


Organizing Committee Ice Palace “Alau” Kabanbay Batyra 47, Astana, 010000,Kazakhstan Tel.+7 (7172) 706-760 E-mail: Skatingkz@mail.ru E-mail: speedskating.kz@mail.ru Kazakhstan Skating Federation 153, Abai Av., 29 Apt, Almaty 050009, Kazakhstan Tatiana Russinova Tel: +7 701 6666 874 Fax:+7 (727) 394 34 86 +7(727) 266 28 18 E-mail: Skatingkz@mail.ru E-mail: speedskating.kz@mail.ru Media Accreditation requests should be addressed to Ice Palace “Alau” Kabanbay Batyra 47, Astana, 010000,Kazakhstan Kirill Partel Tel. +7 701 523 01 96 E-mail: 5230196@mail.ru


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