РОО «Национальная Федерация Конькобежцев» Казахстана

The Masters - sportsmen older than 30 years, not being members of the national sport team on speed skating of the Republic of Kazakhstan more than two years and not engaged in speed skating on a professional basis.

Our leaders:

Gavrilova Anzhelika: 
The absolute World champion on sprint all-round of 2012 (30+) 

  Kostin Vladimir: 
The world champion on sprint all-round 2011, 2012 гг, the World champion in small all-round 2012. The World record-holder on a distance 1000м and 1500м (35 +).
Uljanin Nikolay:

The bronze prize-winner of the World championship on sprint all-round 2012 (35 +)
  Kopalnjuk Vitaly
The third place in World Top 20 rating on distances 1000 and 1500м distances (45 +)